We are a group of hobbyists dedicated to the sport of model rocketry, flying everything from the smallest MicroMaxx motors up through M motors and beyond. Our membership includes members of Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota, although most of our members are from the Omaha metropolitan area. We are a Prefecture of Tripoli as well as a Section of the National Association of Rocketry.

Club shirts can be ordered at:

Retro Shirtz

Westroads Mall 10000 California Street Omaha, NE 68114


Store Hours: Monday-Sat. 11AM - 6PM | Sunday 11AM - 5PM

All you have to do is go in, give them my name (Roy Tyson) and they have the updated design on file. You can get any size from S-6X (s-6x), they have 14 colors, put in on any location, and alter it as you see fit. You can order one shirt or a 100.

Cost is $25 per t-shirt, +$5 for plus sizes, and if you want to add/print on two sides, an extra $10. They also have sweatshirts and collared shirts. They will also print a shirt you bring in. Very flexible.

Please contact me if you have any questions. (Yes, the name has been fixed on the store file)

2022 Members


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Low Power

Low Power Rocketry are rockets that you can buy in many hobby stores with motors that range in size to 1/2A to E.

Mid Power

Mid Power Rockets are available at some hobby stores and range from F-G motors.

High Power

High Power Rocketry is only available from rocketry distributors and require licensing to purchase motors for ranging from H to O motors.