We are a group of hobbyists dedicated to the sport of model rocketry, flying everything from the smallest MicroMaxx motors up through M motors and beyond. Our membership includes members of Nebraska and Iowa, We are a Prefecture of Tripoli as well as a Section of the National Association of Rocketry.

Yes, rockets can be a lot of fun! They offer a thrilling and awe-inspiring experience, whether you're launching model rockets as a hobby or watching a real rocket launch into space. The power and speed involved in rocket launches can be exhilarating to witness. Additionally, building and launching model rockets can be a great way to learn about science, engineering, and physics while having fun at the same time. Many people find the entire process, from designing and constructing the rocket to watching it soar into the sky, to be a truly enjoyable and exciting activity. 

2023 Members


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Low Power

Low Power Rocketry are rockets that you can buy in many hobby stores with motors that range in size to 1/2A to E. 

Mid Power

Mid Power Rockets are available at some hobby stores and range from F-G motors.

High Power

High Power Rocketry is only available from rocketry distributors and require licensing to purchase motors for ranging from H to O motors.