2023 Heartland Thunder Group Project.

Contest Details:

The contest is geared toward testing your knowledge to build and sim a rocket with OpenRocket or Rocksim. 

There is only one rule: Closest to 1111' WITHOUT going over.  The club will provde an Altus Metrum altimeter to attach to your shock cord for your flight.  You can build the rocket any way you want, you can fly with any motor you want.  The winner will be the person closest to 1111' without going over.  Simple, right?  Good Luck!


BadBoy Rocketry will be supplying an Estes Clone Executioner.  These rockets have all plywood rings/fins and upgraded body tubes.  They have 29mm  motor tubes and DO NOT come with motor retention and chutes.


The cost per kit is $50 and will come with fin slot cutting guide, and instructions will be posted on the website once we get the kits.    

Builders will be required to pick them up from Roy Tyson, or arrange for shipment.

These kits are not packaged (cost savings).  They will come loose and parts "kitted" at pick up. 

Don't forget to pay at the end of the form.  We should have the kits by July 1 for distribution. 

Stickershock23 has wraps and letting to make the rocket authentic looking, otherwise, paint to your liking.  Details about any "contest" aspects will be announced later in the year.  

To purchase a project rocket, click here

Instructions at the bottom of the page