Rick Bosworth Exellence in Rocketry

The Rick Bosworth Exellence in Rocketry award is an annual award handed out to a THOR member or active particpant in THOR activities, that demonstrates what the hobby is all about.  

There isnt any official guidelines but a recognition of someone who promotes the hobby internally and externally, shows a love of the hobby most importantly someone who extends the love to those around them. 

Nominations are only accpeted through email submissions at:


Deadline for submissions is Oct 1. 

Past Winners:

2022-Tim Reidy

Tim started flying regularly with the club just this year, and has quickly marked his spot in the club. He has become our low power expert and a resource we rely on for nearly all our new members. Tim takes time to work with anyone needing help, his craftsmanship has made us all setup up our game (the new term Reidy Affect comes to mind when ever I build something new now!). But I think most importantly, I think the most envious thing that we all are just in awe of, his level of success rate of flights. Tim flies with a success rate that most of us only dream of. As a matter of fact, he has become our official launch starter to get the mojo started in the right direction.

Congrats Tim on being the first recipient of the award, you deserve it!