High Power Launches

Flyers 18 years and older must be a NAR or Tripoli member to fly.

THOR flies under Tripoli rules and regs for HIGH POWER flights. Please refer to the links at the bottom of this page for details.

All fliers 18 and over must be Tripoli or NAR members for insurance reasons.

Club launch fees are included in your yearly membership or $10 per launch for non-members.

Note: Flights with a total impulse of 80N·s (G motor) or larger will require the use of rail buttons.

THOR does not have 1/4" rods, nor will support personal launch towers with 1/4" rods for rockets with G and above motors.

All levels of rocketeers welcome to all launches within the waiver limits, including low and mid-power.


Dixon-16,999' MSL

Brainard-10,000' MSL

All Launches start at 8 am and will run until rocket motors run out. If you plan to arrive after 12 pm, please notify a club member, as often we have concluded the launch for the day.

2022 High Power Launch Schedule

March 19-DIXON Sucess

April 16-DIXON Sucess

May 14-Brainard Canceled

June 18-Sod FarmSucess

July 9-Sod FarmSucess

SUNDAY!!! August 14-Sod farm Sucess

Sept 11- Sucess

Oct 15 AND 16 Heartland Thunder-DIXON

Nov 19-DIXON

Note: All waivers pending FAA approval.

Dixon Launch Site

From Dixon, take 116 north 3 miles to 871 rd. Take 871 rd east 0.5 miles to 5775 ave. Take 5775 ave north 0.75 miles to launch site.

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Brainard Launch Site

From Wahoo take 92 west to West Road. Turn south on W Road to 30 Rd. Turn west on 30 Rd and drive 1.38 miles. The launch site will be on the South side of the road.

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Sod Farm Site, Bellevue

Exit hwy 75 at Bay Road- Plattsmouth/Historic Downtown. Turn Right (West) and continue 1 mile on Bay road. At 18th st, turn south. Depending on winds, we could fly from the east side or the south side of the field.

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Dixon Directions

Brainard Directions

Sod Farm Directions

Dixon Site:

Brainard Site:

Sod Farm Site: