August Meeting Minutes

Heartland Organization of Rocketry September meeting notes

September 9, 2021

Held at Halleck Park 7pm: 10 members attending

Club business and financials:

Treasury report: $2701 on hand, $330 paid for trailer storage which was due in September

Club updates:

Submission to compensate President Tyson for the nice club banner was made and rejected

Stem day meeting report by Paddy, he will follow up and proposed low power launch was discussed

Two Tripoli certifications tests were administered by Rich and Kevin. NAR certification tests can be arranged by Kevin and certification launches by Paul. Questions can be directed to these level 3 members.

Future and past launch activities.

Attendees at Airfest 2021 reported on rocket launches and activities. It was well attended with excellent launch conditions (no wind) and our members had successful launches.

Next launch is in Dixon, NE October 16 and possibly 17 if there is interest. There will be members of the South Dakota chapter attending as well as a few certification flights. There will also be an “odd rocket” launch contest. Paddy will prepare an information flyer for the launch.

Discussion Topics

There was a discussion about refurbishing the club trailer. The majority opinion was to decide on what is necessary to repair/refurbish and calculate the costs involved.

There was also a discussion about updating the club launch records and their posting.